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Ct operated MT174

In Stock: 25


Model: MT174CT
Manufacturer: Iskraemeco

Price: £84.00GBP

Weight: 1.100lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 03 August, 2011
THIS METER IS THE CT OPERATED VERSION OF THE MT174. We can program the meter to match any of the cts we sell or your own if you have them. Standard ... more info
DDS353B with RS485 Modbus

In Stock: 3


Model: DDS353B
Manufacturer: Yongtailong

Price: £48.00GBP

Weight: 0.800lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 25 May, 2011
The DDS353B is a single phase dinn rail mounted meter with rs485 and pulsed output it is fully approved for the UK market for all monitoring ... more info

In Stock: 5


Model: DTS353
Manufacturer: Yongtailong

Price: £72.00GBP

Weight: 1.200lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 25 May, 2011
DTS 353 The three phase seven modular DIN-Rail energy meter is a new style three phase four wire static active energy meter, it adopts special large ... more info
Three phase all in one cts.

In Stock: 80

... more info

Model: TAS242
Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £21.00GBP

Weight: 0.550lbs

Date Added: Tuesday 22 February, 2011
Three Phase Current Transformers SCT2851 Series. These Current transformers are the answer to a very neat precise job that looks very proffesional. ... more info
Practical guide to wind and solar.

In Stock: 6


Model: PGFWS
Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £9.95GBP

Weight: 0.000lbs

Date Added: Tuesday 12 October, 2010
The author has been providing his own electricity from the sun and the wind for many years, and in this book he explains how you can do the same. ... more info
High chrome industrial sealing pliers.

In Stock: 35


Model: Q175A
Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £35.00GBP

Weight: 0.500lbs

Date Added: Thursday 12 August, 2010
These high quality sealing pliers are the most robust you will ever need,With a high quality finish and removable dies for engraving these are ... more info
Plastic security seals.

In Stock: 49729

... more info

Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £4.00GBP

Weight: 0.300lbs

Date Added: Thursday 22 April, 2010
These seals are 10 mm in diameter and are supplied with security wire to use to seal them they are very similar in style to the lead utility meter ... more info
Current transformers

In Stock: 288

... more info

Model: cts
Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £9.00GBP

Weight: 0.500lbs

Date Added: Thursday 10 September, 2009
Moulded current transformer 200-400/5 These current transformers are used for placement around wires and bus bars for load monitoring. Dimensions ... more info
Flag ferulles for electric meters.

In Stock: 2167

... more info

Model: FLAGS
Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £10.00GBP

Weight: 0.300lbs

Date Added: Monday 22 June, 2009
Ideal for all tamperproof sealing comes with high strength steel wire approx 100mm in length.
New Pound coin meter

In Stock: 10


Model: SE201
Manufacturer: Emlite

Price: £160.00GBP

Weight: 1.100lbs

Date Added: Thursday 17 July, 2008
This meter will take the new pound coin not the old pound coin. The emlite multi  coin prepaid electricity meter provides a compact and easy to ... more info
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