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Simple reading software for iskra meters

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Model: SW1
Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £10.00GBP

Weight: 0.000lbs

Date Added: Thursday 28 August, 2014
This is a simple little program to be used in conjunction with the usb probe for extracting the reading from all Iskra meters and will only show the ... more info
SMART X96-5MP-MID CT Single or Three Phase Digital

In Stock: 9


Model: X96-5
Price: £85.00GBP

Weight: 1.200lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 18 September, 2013
The SMARTPANEL X96-5 is a new generation modern design power monitor that will measure and display electrical power quality parameters. It has been ... more info
Emlite Coin Timer

In Stock: 99


Model: SH201
Manufacturer: Emlite

Price: £145.00GBP

Weight: 1.100lbs

Date Added: Thursday 01 August, 2013
This 100 Amp coin timer is the best i have seen on the market by far with superior coin mechanism that electronically weighs the coin before ... more info
Programming card for cardmeter

In Stock: 57


Model: meterman
Manufacturer: Ampy automation

Price: £15.00GBP

Weight: 0.100lbs

Date Added: Thursday 21 February, 2013
Programming cards are only given to members who are registered on our card database if you can not be found they will not be sent.These programming ... more info
RFID Card meter.

In Stock: 4


Model: CM100
Manufacturer: Emlite

Price: £140.00GBP

Weight: 1.100lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 17 October, 2012
This meter is a simple single phase prepayment meter so you can give a card to your tennant in exchange for cash thus not having to rely on getting ... more info
DDS 353

In Stock: 1


Model: DDS353
Manufacturer: Yongtailong

Price: £21.00GBP

Weight: 0.500lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 03 October, 2012
Single Phase single modular rail mounted electric meter. It's the smallest DIN - Rail meter in the world, which is popular in West European ... more info
Emlite Dragonfly

In Stock: 82


Model: ECA2
Manufacturer: Emlite

Price: £21.60GBP

Weight: 0.800lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 15 August, 2012
The ECA2 single phase meter is one of the worlds most compact metering units and ideally suited for a domestic utility’s basic single rate ... more info
4 Module enclosure.

In Stock: 10


Model: 4 way module
Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £4.00GBP

Weight: 0.300lbs

Date Added: Friday 20 April, 2012
This enclosure has a 4 way module cut out and is Ip 40 rated. 
Landis and Gyr (Ampy)

In Stock: 73


Model: 5254E
Manufacturer: Landis and gyr

Price: £15.00GBP

Weight: 1.100lbs

Date Added: Tuesday 28 February, 2012
This 5254E has been set up as a single tarrif electric meter and is fully approved for wind and solar can it is set up with reverse energy ... more info
Ums optical probe

In Stock: 23


Model: USB2
Manufacturer: Ums

Price: £85.00GBP

Weight: 0.500lbs

Date Added: Monday 17 October, 2011
Usb Optical probe for comunication with electric meter with an optical port free software for reading the meter registers with every ... more info
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