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Iskra MT174

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MT174 Direct wire version is a polyphase multifunction meter used for measurement of active, active and reactive or active,reactive and apparent energy and demand in three-phase four- or three-wire networks. It can be connected directly . The meter can also be used in single phase two-wire networks. The meters comply with both European (EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3) and international (IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053-21) standards, and are designed and manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

The kvarh-meter complies with the IEC 62052-23 standard.

Three phase direct wire meter 120 amp max 3x230/400v 50hz class 2 ofgem approved.

This wall mounted unit is one of the leading three in the country and can be programmed for multi tarrif if required,there are many other programming functions available if you read the technical manual and you need certain parameters put on the meter we can do that for you otherwise it will come as a total kwh meter with pulsed output.


Technical manual pdf

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