A Guidance for the resale of Electricity and Gas

The Resale of Electricity and Gas

Guidance for Resellers
 This pdf will explain better what and when landlords can expect to do when supplying electricity or gas as a submetered supply to thier tennants.

This booklet is the latest edition produced by ofgem that we have updated on to our site and i hope helps people to understand the laws surrounding the resale of gas and electric all of our new electric meters that we have for sale are fully approved to comply with all ofgem and MID directives.

Please note we do not accept any responsibility for outdated items even though we try to update and inform our customers on any information on current legislation,this is an ever changing market and liable to change at any time not always with notification to ourselves we try to stay current on most electricity meter rules but even we dont get it right all the time but we do try for you as we know it is very hard to get the correct information from larger corporate companies.





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