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Budget electric meters

Recon electric meters fully tested and cleaned these electricity meters are very reliable and very cheap.

If you are searching for a single phase electricity meter, but would like one at a price which does not drain your bank account, makes sure to have a look around this page to find just what you need. Although these meters may not be new, they work like they have just come off the shelf. Get in touch today to gain more information.

These recon style meters in the market are sold for self monitoring of electricity consumption and we advise anybody who intends to bill somebody or is using it for wind and solar or any scheme that money is claimed for revenue to use a fully MID compliant meter all our budget meters are ofgem approved which if on shedule 4 of the ofgem list they will be fine will be fine for personal monitoring purposes.We will keep you updated on any ongoing changes as the rules seem to change from day to day. 


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