New Single phase meters

Single phase electric meter - Quality single phase Electric meters all brand new and MID approved.

Universal Meter Services can provide a wide range of these brand new single phase electric meters, often known as the watt-hour meter. These single phase electric meters are run by two different methods the disc type which uses magnets or the electronic type in order to provide information about the amount of electricity used within certain time periods most used today are electronic as they have a much quicker response time to current being applied.

As time has gone on the production of Disc type meters has declined as manufacturers tried to cut costs to be competitive and the digital meter was always going to win as there are much fewer and less costly parts,but in respect for the old disc type meter they lasted for a very long time and did not suffer from reading loss when an lcd fails.

If you are interested in these meters, make sure to get in touch today if you need some technical advice, so we can supply just what you need.

We sell all the popular brands used in the wind and solar industry and can supply in bulk if needed just email for a price the landis and gyr 5235 seems to be the most populat in this feild with both pulsed output and non pulsed being available.

We also have iskra and elster products which all seem to work very well in the feild of energy reading.


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