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Prepayment electric meters

At this moment in time there are around 5.9 million people in the UK who have a prepayment electric meters within their home. With these prepayment meters, just like the name suggests, you pay for the electricity upfront, working like a sort off pay as you go. In order to get the electricity that you require you will need to top up with credit first,Ideal for rented property.

How does it work you may ask.

These prepayment electricity meters can work in several different ways, you top-up either by a smartcard,token,or cash which the landlord will deal with, or in some cases depending on manufacturers you insert money straight into the coin prepayment electric meter. Our prepaid electricity meters that we have for sale benefit from easy instalation so make sure to have a look and see which prepayment energy meter is ideal for you.

We can supply competitive prices for both buyers and suppliers on all our coin meters and card meters.

We only supply fully Mid approved coin meters which totally comply with the law and is made by a reputable company with a huge background in metering and software.

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